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Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
mega million jack at -- jackpopt it $28 million. let's see if we can make a million and. 55, 20, 11, 10, and 42. mega ball -- 9. 55, 20, 11, 10, 42 and mega ball is 9. ?o?o?oçoíc';woçwk oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. >> this is 11 sports. >> if you still needed evidence to believe the orioles magic, consider this. james shields said a tampa bay record tonight. and the o's still won, 1-0. even with that, they continue to chase the yankees. miguel gonzalez. a brilliant light of his own. double the force. chris davis. this shot may have crossed over into tampa. nothing. bottom of the fourth. struck out seven of his own. 27 batters struck out in the game alive. -- game tonight. we go on to the 9th. only 4 hits in this one the 5tyh away we could to game 162 tomorrow in tampa. pete joys is now from tropicana field. absolutely amazing pitching. should we expect anything other than the o's for the outcom
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1